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I am Mr Danesh Kumar from India, I have been in the field of promoting
biogas technology at Grass Root level, I have been building biogas plants
for family size , the building material from bricks and concerte, has been,
changed to ferrocement, lesser volume of materials, but need highly skilled
mason to complete.

I have been toying with idea of using biomass directly, my previous
experience has been with batch fed system, using simple technologies-
plastics for lining the pit and nylon based polymers for collection of gas,
it was useful to understand the whole concept, found the gas production was
high, means you get about 30-40% of the gas produced within a month, hence
it will not be useful for a small sieze family, but use ful to meet the
enrgy needs of certain operations- like threshing or irrigation,
approximately 1000 Kgs of dry biomass produces about 280-320 CuM of gas.
The certain problems have cropped up, more with removing of the material
after decomposting, the gas produced in the system, have low pressure, thus
it is difficult to use in ordinary biogas stove, but can be stored, as use a
supplemetary fuel for running diesel engines

Currently I am working on a new system evloved and developed from Indian
Institute of Science, bangalore, it is called Plugflow biogas digester, it
can take a biomass (soft)- leaves, leftover of crops, kitchen and food
waste, in it is native state, it needs no refilling of water, about 20 Kgs
of green of 6 Kg of dry biomass can meet the need of small size family,
producing about 1.75 CuM of gas, the only draw back, what goes into the
system, must be pulled out manually, otherwise it is good system, even if
you donot recharge a for couple of weeks, you make it function within a week

Have been trying to improve the methane content of the gas, by using Oil
seed cakes, and also with small doses of trace elements, to speedup the
anaerobic digestion

the left over materiel, is soft can be further composted and used as manure
for improving the soil organic carbon, the liquid can be collected

any one having questions, can get back to me, on this platform


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