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On 10/4/2010 11:15 AM, Arturo Ávalos wrote:
> Hello all
> Does someone know something about use ferric chloride to reduce the 
> sulfur content in the biogas?

TCBH, pg 87:

        Henry (1961) claims that at mesophilic temperatures and pH
        5.0, 98% of all of the sulfides dissolved in the slurry show
        up as H_2 S, whereas at pH 7.2, this is reduced to 24% with an
        approximate 50% reduction for each 0.2 pH unit increase
        thereafter (e.g., 12% at 7.4, 6% at 7.6, 3% at 7.8, 1.5 % at
        8.0). Where scrubbing H_2 S is desirable but unrealistic for
        some reason, pH adjustment may be the answer--- but take care
        not to over-adjust. A further idea is the addition of the
        ferric ion of iron; Henry used ferric chloride at the rate of
        about 2 grams per liter. This tied up the sulfide ion and no
        H_2 S was produced in a digester with this high dosage of
        ferric chloride.

The reference is to: Henry. 1961. Hydrogen Sulfide in Sludge Gas. J. 
Water Pollu. Control Fed. 33:140.

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