[Digestion] size and cost of a small domestic biogas plant

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A typo I think - or has the Law of Conservation of Mass been repealed?

" Using daily 1 kg (dry weight) food waste produces daily about 700 to 800
kg biogas" !

Maybe 7-800 litres?

Duncan Martin
Cloughjordan Ecovillage

On 4 October 2010 07:47, Anand Karve <adkarve at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Members,
> this question was raised in a recent flurry of messages. Instead of
> repeating them, I  wish to state the following:
>  Using daily 1 kg (dry weight) food waste produces daily about 700 to 800
> kg biogas, which most small families (4 to 5 persons) find quite adequate
> for cooking all their meals. Our biogas plant has a digester of 1000 litres
> and a moving drum type of a gas holder having a capacity of about 750
> litres. The  cost of complete biogas plant is about US$200, if it is
> manufactured according instructions contained in our video which can be
> downloaded from our web site www.arti-india.org by paying us US$10 through
> Pay Pal. The matter was also discussed if yeast had beneficial effect on
> biogas production. Frankly, I do not see why and how yeast should benefit
> the process. Yeast would actually act as a competitor of the methanogens in
> that the sugar that would normally have produced biogas, would be used by
> the yeast in producing alcohol. It is likely that alcohol can act as
> substrate for the methanogens (glycerin, which is an alcohol,  can be used
> by the methanogens as a substrate), but a lot of energy would be wasted in
> this process in comparison to obtaining methane directly from the sugars by
> using the methanogens.
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