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  Hi Alll,

> Thanks for the last post, but you left me with a question.  Our data 
> has shown pig manure is generally (roughly) between 20-25% TS, but the 
> VS is often 70-80% of the TS, so between 10-20% of the total mass of 
> the wet manure.  This corresponds with other data I have seen (right 
> in front of me House uses 20% TS and VS of 70% of TS for cow manure)

Comparing substrates defined with the term "manure" is not easy. It 
often depends on how the stables are managed. (e.g. more litter may lead 
to higher TS, if the manure is analysed including the litter).

Another point is: pigs are monogastrians (like humans are). Cows are 
not. So it's quite obvious that pigs (and humans) absorb lower parts of 
degradable VS. Or vice versa: the "food-utilisation-ratio" (sorry, I 
don't know the english language word) for monogastrians is lower than 
for ruminants. So the resulting pigs' manure VS content is higher than 
cows' manure VS content. This is also what your data show (70-80% vs 70%).
This also leads to a higher gas yield of pigs manure in comparison to 
cow manure (L/kg VS).

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