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HI David,

> I would venture a guess that where the inlet air is being forced in by 
> bubbling through water, and the outlet air likewise is allowed to 
> escape by bubbling through water, then the only place in the system 
> where there would be both a potentially explosive gas mixture and the 
> potential of a spark would be at the evacuation point of the exiting 
> gas mixture. Where sufficient air is blown over the water through 
> which the evacuating air is exiting, then the risk of any explosion 
> would, I would think, be very close to zero.
Just for some additional explaintation: Those garage systems have just 
one door whichs seperates the digesting room from the atmosphere. So you 
need to open the door to get the old material out of the system and put 
in the new material. Existing methane from the last digestion process 
may get in mixture of air oxygen during this process. I think this is 
the problem Yvonne is wondering about.

For getting a better idea of such garage systems you may look at this 
report (2003, an independent, scientific report about one of the first 
BioFerm systems, german language, but there are also a lot of pictures 
to look at).
See page 24, upper image:


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