[Digestion] Digester project to watch for Egg laying AD - AgSTAR WINTER 2011 newsletter

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Mon May 9 10:21:15 CDT 2011

I forgot I had that project under watch. Quote from AgSTAR Winter 2011

Future Digester Projects

Johnson County Egg Farm (Missouri)
The first commercial-scale anaerobic digester in Missouri to create
biogas from chicken manure will go into operation in 2012 on the
Johnson County Egg Farm in Johnson County. The digester will be built
by BioStar Systems, LLC; it will be fed liquid waste from the farm's
2.4 million chickens and will have a capacity of 4 million gallons.
The biogas it generates will be piped off the farm by the Southern
Star Gas Pipeline Company before being sold to local gas utilities.
Solid waste output from the digester will be dried for use as organic
fertilizer. The project is being partially funded by a $450,000 grant
from the Energize Missouri Renewable Energy Biogas program, which was
made available through funding from the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Sources: Sue Sterling, "Biogas Operator Coming," The Daily Star
Journal, November 2010; and U.S. Department of Energy, Office of
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, "Energize Missouri Renewable
Energy Biogas Grants Awarded," July 2010.

Taken from the AgSTAR WINTER 2011 newsletter


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