[Digestion] Netiquette

Paul Harris paul.harris at adelaide.edu.au
Sun Nov 11 02:53:47 PST 2012

G'day All,

Please be assured your inputs are welcomed, but to try and help the List 
operate well please keep the following in mind.

When replying to List messages please only repeat the most recent (or 
relevant) part of the posting. This particularly applies to those who 
get a "digest", which may contain several messages (all repeating the 
original?) so it may be hard to decide which part of the Digest is being 
replied to. (I also plead guilty to just Replying without looking 
further down to see how many others have been quoted as well on 
occasions - it's so easy to hit "Send" when you are in a hurry!).

As many of us are probably swamped by e-mails please try and keep 
messages brief and if possible stick to one point for simplicity (guilty 

Happy digesting,

Mr Paul Harris BEng (Ag) (Melbourne)
Visitor at The University of Adelaide

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