[Digestion] Removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas

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Mon Sep 24 03:13:19 PDT 2012

Dear sir,

I am an Electrical Engineer from Nigeria.

I am working on biogas application on farm and low / middle class homes.

My objective is to use biogas for cooking, running of small power generators and lighting of gas lamps.

I have accomplished the production of biogas from my biogas digester, and I have burnt the gas and it gave blue flame.

I have also converted a petrol generator to gas generator with a converter I bought in country. 

I am delaying the test of the generator with biogas because of the corrosive effect of the gas which I learnt can damage the generator. Also , I want to protect lives of the stakeholders as the hydrogen sulphide is also poisonous.

I am looking for simplest and easiest way(s) to eliminate hydrogen sulphide from biogas and I think you can be of assistance.

Please , I am waiting for any assistance or useful information that will help in realisation of my set objectives.

Thanks for the anticipated assistance and supports.

Isiaka Taiwo 

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