[Digestion] Digestion Digest, Vol 44, Issue 7 filtering digestate

PETER ALLISON pm.allison at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 13 01:11:58 MDT 2014

Hi Frans Somebody, I spent ages developing means to filter digestate until I 
discovered I was wasting my time. It is not filterable, it will always clog 
any static screen. The digestate is full of very fine fiber and will bridge 
any hole, pore or oriface. Do not go there. Have had success with 
vibro-filtration of slurry thru a 3mm screen to remove extraneous debris 
then centrifuge the liquid/digestate as a spill-over process. The centrifuge 
needs to be able to hold a reasonable quantity of mud before having to be 
emptied. The refined liquid still holds some very fine fluffy matter. I 
change the pH to enable a complete separation of colloids from particulates. 
The liquid is able to be sprayed normally and the remainder is formulated 
and pelletized for broadcast.

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