[Gasification] equipment suppliers for power generation 40kW ?

Toby Seiler seilertechco at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 05:54:12 PDT 2011

Bill, Greg, Philip,
Bill, Phillip stated what is obvious... that a gasifier offering on commercial markets should carry with it a level of service life considered reliable.  Your machinery has proven to work in industry and Greg is doing long term service on smaller scale, but in the 10-40kw range, there is little available in gasifier proven designs.  Some automotive "experimental" folks are geting very good engine connection results in that power range, but fuel is always the beginning, driving the machinery application.  
There is a farm and small commercial market nitch, I believe.  Jim's GEK is being marketed to a wider audience than "experimenters", thus there will be comments that are negative when expectations exceed the machine capacity, or even as you point out, human capacity. Philips' rather blunt on a "gasification" forum however... although I can see nothing untrue in his post (don't have reason to know $$ to purchase, but doesn't look out of reason).  I'm glad he shares his boat gasifier experience with those of us who are not gasification experts.  
Bill, I hope you will share some technical/economic success stories.  Perhaps you have a unit in a container for ravaged areas.  That would appear to require 3 containers, fuel preperation in, gasification and engine generation. Wow, thinking of such makes $20k look very small.  
Have a good day,
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