[Gasification] Job Opp: Director of Manufacturing Operations- GEK Gasifier / ALL Power Labs

Greg Manning a31ford at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 21:01:03 PDT 2011

Can I ask why it's for sale ? (I've Bcc;ed you as well, so watch witch one
you reply to).

Greg Manning
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  From Chris Morrison
  Planet Green Solutions

  To All.

  This is not on topic but:

  I have a Powerhearth linear Gasifier built by Bill Klein for sale.  It has
only a few hours on it.  It is very well built and can easily run a 100KW
engine/genset.  It has double air lock doors for possible continuous in-feed
and also has an ejector pulse auto ash removal.  Its footprint is only about
3' X 4' and stands about 9 feet tall.  Price is $ 18,000.  Contact
Chris at planetgreensolutions.com or call 352-516-9678

  On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 12:55 PM, Thomas Koch <tk at tke.dk> wrote:

    Real impressive I Must say!!

    Can we have a few adresses where a gasifier can be visited?

    Best regards

    Thomas Koch

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          Wow Jim,  Congratulations on the success.

          "our main product has evolved from a bleeding edge DIY
          experimenters kit, to a total solution for small scale biomass

          and   "To date we've shipped 240+ gasifiers, to over 30
          different countries and 40 universities."


          Don't forget to buy product liability insurance, now that you have
moved from an "experimental" gasifier to a "total solution"... as one
lawsuit (even one with little merit) could wipe out all of the key players.
You are clearly making an implied warranty of fitness as a "total solution"
and a machine with a new engine will cost plenty, putting your business at
significant risk if they fail on world markets (30 countries and 40
universities so far).

          Are you endorsing this product Tom or simply mentioning that APL
is now marketing it?

          How much time do you have logged on one of the new
engine/generators with your gasifier that your now selling as a "total
solution" ???  Is this the same gasifier that was developed under the "open
license" that you champion, making details available to anyone ???

          Rusting away,



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