[Gasification] Listing of Commercial Biomass CHP Units?

Jim Leach jleach at danatech.net
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Robert, there are probably thousands of installations where biomass fuels
are used in CHP installations.  Size is not really important either. Those
types of facilities can be made in any size of thermal and/or electrical
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Hello all,

My first post here; hopefully I don't screw this up. I was wondering if
anyone is aware of a listing of commercial biomass CHP units -- gasification
or combustion based. I am aware of EPI's extensive listing of installations
at http://www.energyproducts.com/EPIEnergySystems.htm, but was wondering
about 1). EPI competitors; 2). Producers of systems in the 500 kW range.

I am specifically interested in systems that have integrated the heat into a
useful outlet, and only in those systems that have some sort of track record
as a commercial system. Basically something like EPI's list of
installations, but at a much smaller scale than of their typical systems.

Thanks in advance.

Robert Rapier

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