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Wed Apr 27 18:16:34 PDT 2011

(here's another job opp. as usual i'm trying to find people already within
the diy gasification community to fill these jobs. all of us created this
together so i'm trying to spread the rewards around as much as possible.
please fwd to other individuals and lists that might be interested)

*Job Opp:  Sales Engineer*

APL / GEK Gasifier is has multiple positions open on our "front desk" of
information, sales and support.  Currently we have two full time people
answering email and phone, and they can no longer keep up.  We need to start
building a larger group to keep inquiring minds happy.

We plan to take on 2 or 3 new people part time for this work, with at least
1 becoming full time after a fit is proven.  You likely need to work in our
office in Berkeley, California, though we'll consider unique candidates
elsewhere and working off-site.

This is not canned customer service nor pushy commission based sales.
Rather, is it responding to the already interested with broad competence,
nuanced information, and general curiosity over a wide range of topics.
 Most of the people who write or call in are not new to energy machines, and
need far more than a simple script of basic info.  They need a McMaster Carr
level experience, not a Home Depot experience . . .

To do this well you need to be familiar with (or be willing to learn) the
many details of gasification. You need to be similarly at home with a broad
range of power generation equipment, internal combustion engines, and the
general pleasures of rotating machinery.  You need to be comfortable with
basic concepts in physics, chemistry, and thermodynamics, and an evidence
based approach to biomass thermal conversion. While discussing the above, we
find things often go off the rails into other cultural, political and
personal curiosities, so you should enjoy wandering those realms too.

So as usual, we're looking for general specialists.  We need general
specialists that can competently discuss a broad range of technology, as
well as enjoy the broad range of people that are interested in it.  Biomass
thermal conversion attracts an unusually diverse crowd: from ranchers to
eco-resort operators, academics to entrepreneurs, dev world power providers
to urban architects, grumpy old guys to idealistic youth; as well as
everything in between, to the side, and around the world.  You have to like
people of many flavors to do this job. If you can like people in more
languages than English it's even better, as more than half our customers are
from outside the US.

While this is a front line customer service position, there are many other
tasks in house that might attract your attention and talents. We need more
cycles curating our web environment, updating instructional content, and
general help with office admin tasks. The position is an entry level
position, but there is significant opportunity for advancement.  Your role
will expand in relation to your talents.  Success will be rewarded.

This position will start as temp employment at $18/hr until a fit is proved.
 Once everyone is happy, it will transition to a permanent full time

If you would like to apply, please send a letter describing your interest
and qualifications, as well as your resume, to gek at allpowerlabs.org

Thank you,

Jim Mason


On other fronts, applications are still being tended for the Director of
Manufacturing Operations.  See below for more info.

*Job Opp: Director of Manufacturing Operations- GEK Gasifier / ALL Power

GEK Gasifier / ALL Power Labs is looking for a manufacturing operations
expert to create and manage the next stage of our manufacturing solution. We
are fast outgrowing our current in house methods, and need to quickly
implement a more scalable, higher volume solution. This will require deep
skills across international supply chain management, multi-discipline
production processes, fast design-to-market iteration, and the details of
inventory control, shipping, and receiving systems.

Are you the ambitious champion of the production arts that can write the
next chapter of the story?

For more information, see here:

Jim Mason
Website: http://www.whatiamupto.com
Current Projects:
   - Gasifier Experimenters Kit (the GEK): http://www.gekgasifier.com
   - Escape from Berkeley alt fuels vehicle race: www.escapefromberkeley.com
   - ALL Power Labs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/allpowerlabs
   - Shipyard Announce list:
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