[Gasification] CO2 emission of whole system for smaall size generator (20kWe)

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It is a little known fact that CO2 can be converted into Methane. Years ago this was expensive and quite a difficult reaction to perform, involving very high pressure and temperature reaction chambers together with exotic catalysts. However,over the years since "Sabatier" discovered how to perform this remarkable feat,  fuel and chemical refiners have developed a lower cost approach. But fairly high temperatures are still required, making the process expensive. Fortunately, there is considerable waste heat available at the exhaust manifold of your Engine to supplant some of this cost. Additional heat is also required in order to re-arrange the molecules back into fuel, this is where a stream of hydrogen from an out side source such as your gasifier will help, as will super heated distilled water. The additional heat can be provided by a plasma produced by an arc or an electrode less plasma produced by Electromagnetic means. nothing more than 2kw. 


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Hello to all,
Does anybody have an idea of the CO2 emission after generator?
For comparison, a diesel generator of this size (20kWe) has a rate of about 1,1 kgeqCO2/kWh.

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