[Gasification] Charcoal Reduction Mill

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at velocity.net
Sat Aug 27 21:21:20 PDT 2011

Dear Robert,

On Sat, 2011-08-27 at 14:40 +0700, Robert Kana wrote:
> After I saw the hammer mill picture, I thought there would be a better
> way. You can built your gasifier a little bigger and carbonise the 
> biomass without chopping. 

I no longer chop. The bale fits into the gasifier/charcoalfier and
becomes charcoal.

> Charcoal you will receive will be already broken.

This charcoal looks just like the original biomass just black and maybe
smaller. In other words its still intact.

> We have made rice straw charcoal in gasifier, we did not have to 
> crush them.

Since this material doesn't become damaged and the goal is to produce
carbon agglomeration (fireballs) to replace coal I have to do some
reduction but this material is vary fragile so it will not consume much



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