[Gasification] (no subject)

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at velocity.net
Sat Aug 27 22:12:10 PDT 2011

Dear Easystreet,

There is a patent of a gasifier that placed the fuel magazine
horizontally in order to save head room. I can not recall for sure but
it may have been a down draft. It pushed the fuel into the reactor zone.
The reactor zone was at one end of the fuel magazine. Anyhow I tossed it
in the trash a long time ago and was not able to find it in Google


On Sat, 2011-08-27 at 21:16 -0700, Tom Miles Easystreet wrote:
> Horizontal would be an auger like ICM, a cross draft or a rotary kiln
> which are all versions of updrafts.  

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