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Hi Jeff:

I have used hammer mills, ball mills, and roller mills for size reduction of
both straw char and charcoal. In all cases the MC of the char needs to be
low enough not to make a paste (I have made this mistake before). I used a
New Holland mixer mill (hammer type), some fine dust particles escape but it
is not too bad, the most dust is created when using the unloading auger to
bag the char, this can be mitigated by tying a filter cloth around the auger

I have used a ball mill with ceramic balls and rubber door seals, this is
pretty much dust free but I found production to be terribly low and product
sizing to be very inconsistent.

The very best I found is a roller mill. This is both fast and can be "housed
in" to easily control dust, then follow Mark's suggestions to extract the
very fine particles at the outlet. You can adjust sizing by adjusting roller
spacing, or adding another set of rollers below the first. Cheap small
roller mills can be found in the agri sector but must be modified for char

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Dear List,

What would be the best style of mill to reduce weed and soft wood
charcoal (mostly weed). This would be for charcoal Fireball production.
All advice will be appreciated.

Reduction might be 2 mm to dust. Enough dust to fill in the larger 2 mm
particles. Might be possible to have some particles larger than 2 mm.

Production is difficult for me to pin down but lets say 400 lbs/hr (180
kg/hr). More is better but less would be OK for now. The more I think
about it a lot less would work for now.

Would a farm hammer mill with cyclone bagger be a formula for a dust



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