[Gasification] Fluidyne Archive Address Change.

doug.williams Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz
Mon Aug 29 14:34:55 PDT 2011

Hi Gasification Colleagues,

For  just on 14 years of the Fluidyne Archives existence, the free service used to provide this information stops today 30th August. My son Graeme has relocated the Archive on this new address     http://www.fluidynenz.gwprojects.org/  so hope you all can still access it as your interest requires. Please advise if you have any problems connecting.

The next update of the Archive for the Mk10 Andes Class Gasifier project in California, should be around the end of October, if my planned site visit mid- October stays on track. The Mk9 test programme since the beginning of this year has focused on the ancillary equipment, and the reports tell me things are settling down and a routine of operation is now established. The Tecogen Cogen system has even been putting power into the grid at a steady rate from time to time, providing confirmation of calculated performance from the Fluidyne Engine and Gas Tables. 

Doug Williams,
Fluidyne Gasification.

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