[Gasification] Calculations for a new gasifier

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Sat Jan 7 05:49:06 CST 2012

Wishing everybody healthy, happy and successful new year,
We are planning to built a gasifier, for a Mitsubishi 8DC9 engine. This 
310 Hp engine, 1500 rpm at 50 Hz, has displacement 16031, 8 cyl with 
cylinder diameters 135, length 153.1. This unit will be operating 24 hrs 
a day as a main power source. Fuel will be sawdust briquettes ( 1.1 ton 
m3 density), broken charcoal pieces and wood chips. This fuel will be 
mixed in equal parts. Gasifier is a grate-less design, continuous feed 
down draft.
Original design has a gas cooler heat exchanger after cyclone, water 
cooler and tar condenser, palm oil washer, charcoal drum filters and a 
bag filter.
We need some help calculating the amount of fuel needed to generate 
enough power for 160 Kwe every hour. Suggestions are welcomed.
We also need some help converting the engine to work with the wood gas. 
We know there are so many knowledgeable people on this list, I am sure 
we can use many valuable advices from you. This unit will power our new 
smaller scale saw dust waste charcoal factory, where electricity is very 
expensive and we have no choice to go this direction. After building 
some smaller units, which are still operating for thermal energy, this 
new project will give us much more experience we need.
Your suggestions and comments are welcomed, thank you all in advance.
Robert Kana, Biomass Energy, Indonesia

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