[Gasification] anaerobicc digester gas for IC engine.

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     landfill gas has to be cleaned of S, Cl, and Si. Siloxane is a 
nasty contaminant in LFG and will coat the inside of the cylinders 
literally with sand. It is water soluble, and can be removed with a 
water wash, with various enhancements. If the engine is operating in an 
area of non-attainment, it may require BACT compliance which means 
catalyst on the exhaust which means that the Cl and S have to be very 
low and siloxane extremely low. Any contaminant which coats the 
catalyst will have to be removed.
     Caterpillar engines were abandoned by the largest bio-gas power 
plant installer in the US who went to Guascor because of price and 
reliability. I discussed this with him in my day long visit to his 
manufacturing plant near Fon du Lac, Wisconsin.I saw a 1 MWe 
engine/generator set running at the one dairy we visited. He had 
developed simple processes for treating the gas.  Others complained 
that the water jacket temperature on the Cat engines had to be raised 
to get them to run on bio gas from the high CO2 content, and that 
frequent valve seat replacement had to be made.

Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc.

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On Mon, 2012-01-16 at 22:41 -0600, phillip manske wrote:
> I'm always suspect of the claim that engines can run well on biogas.
> If that were the case we could cut methane to 99.99% with CO2 and that
> would solve the worlds energy needs just with CO2.  I'm sorry, I'm
> suspect.  IC engines run on fuel, not filler.

Right and with wood-gas we cut it with nitrogen...

>   Moisture is a classic no no.

Moisture is in the air that an engine breaths. Some people even add
water injection systems on their engines. Moisture in wood-gas, ouch.
The sulfur is a larger problem.

>   If you sell that kind of fuel you'd get arrested and sued.

I don't think Craig or AD were involved with Custody Transfer.

About 20 miles from here is a land fill that has been generating
electric with several large Cat engines fueled with land fill gas and
they have been chugging along for about ten years now. No idea how much
they clean the gas.


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