[Gasification] Gasification Digest, Vol 17, Issue 10Re: anaerobicc digester gas for IC engine

Daniel Chisholm dmc at danielchisholm.com
Fri Jan 20 03:10:31 CST 2012

Hello Murali, thank you for your report of successfully using crude biogas
in engines.  I find it interesting that they are being used 8 hours a day;
what I am wondering is what happens during the other 16 hours of the day?
 Are you able to store the gas generated during those 16 hours, and burn it
during the 8 hours that the engine runs?  Or is it vented?  Or are you able
to control to production of the gas, only switching it "on" during the 8
hours that you need it?

- Daniel
Fredericton, NB  Canada
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