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Dear Mr. Karlsen,
Green leaves generate about 80 to 100 litres of biogas per kg green leaves.
Food waste generates about 600 to 700 litres biogas per kg dry weight. We
get electricity from the grid owned by the Government, but the supply is
erratic. The generator that we run on biogas has a capacity of 1.5 KW and
it is constructed for using kerosene. It generates sufficient electricity
to run the computer, a couple of fans and the LCD projector in our lecture
hall. It is not a daily operation, and nobody keeps the data. Also the
hostel is not occupied fully all the time. It houses trainees only whenever
we have training sessions. And yet we have to maintain permanent staff for
maintenance of the hostel and for working in the kitchen. They collect the
leaves in their spare time. So again, no data are available for labour cost
of plucking the leaves.
Our biogas system is extremely simple to construct. We sell CDs showing
step by step how to construct the biogas plant from two plastic water
tanks. Because it does not use dung, our biogas system has become quite
popular among the urban users.  At least 5000 such biogas plants have been
constructed by people themselves. People who do not have the
necessary skill and tools required for the construction, can hire the
services of a professional plumber. Several plumbers are now offering this
service as a part of their business. The urban users get the feedstock
from neighbouring restaurants, and from fruit and vegetable vendors. They
get the feedstock free of cost. A biogas plant having a digester capacity
of 1000 litres yields daily enough biogas to cook all the meals of a family
of 4 or five persons. If it is an exclusively rice eating family, even a
biogas plant of 500 litre digester capacity is sufficient. Such a biogas
plant can be placed even in the balcony of an apartment house.
This technology is not patented. Several small and large
manufacturers offer ready to install biogas plants off the shelf, but
making your own biogas plant is cheaper.
On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Arnt Karlsen <arnt at c2i.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:46:26 +0800, Anand wrote in message
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> > Dear David,
> > I do not have day-to-day experience because it is my colleagues at our
> > research and training centre at Phaltan (about 100 km from Pune), who
> > operate these systems.
> ..are they on the list?  Their day-to-day experience is valuable.
> > So far there have not been any complaints about extra cost of
> > maintenance.  And even if the cost were to be higher, it would be
> > offset by the saving in the fuel cost.
> ..maybe.  Numbers?
> > We produce our own biogas from the food waste generated in our own
> > hostel
> ..which can be treated cheaply in many different ways, to provide
> benchmark numbers.
> > and from green leaves plucked from the trees on the campus.
> ..here we have a manpower cost, plucking the leaves.  Is it offset
> by e.g. the waste food treatment profits, or does the green leaves
> generate its own profit?
> > Therefore, biogas is free of cost.
> ..maybe.  Promoting your technology, you would prefer to show your
> profit numbers from it. ;o)
> > Yours
> > A.D.Karve
> --
> ..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
> ...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
>  Scenarios always come in sets of three:
>  best case, worst case, and just in case.
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Dr. A.D. Karve
Trustee & Founder President, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)
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