[Gasification] Anaerobic digester gas for IC engines: thanks for the info

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Sat Jan 21 19:41:58 CST 2012

Dear lovers of anaerobic digestion,
I have not published anything on the use of biogas as fuel for internal
combustion engines, but this was one of the topics touched by me in a
lecture that I delivered on January 12, 2012, to a group called Rural
Technology Action Group, formed by the faculty and students of the Indian
Institutue of Technology in Mumbai, The main topic was "Agricultural waste
as a source of energy", and the main theme was substitution of imported
petroleum by agricultural waste. India generates annually 800 million tons
of agricultural waste and it imports almost 80% of the petroleum that it
uses. India spends annually something like US$12,000 million on it. The
energy content of the agricultural waste is >2.5 times that of the imported
petroleum. I talked about the direct burning as boiler fuel, development of
the Sterling engine and steam engine technology for industrial use,
decentralised electricity generation in clusters of villages, using their
own agricultural waste, producer gas production, production of charcoal and
coal gas, production of biogas from green leaves, and also pointed out the
research needs in the case of each technology.  I am a botanist and not an
engineer. So my main objective was to make the engineers aware of the
potential of biomass available in the rural areas of the country.

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> > Dear Anand and Murali,
> >
> > Thank you very much for that information. Very interesting. Do you
> > have anything published in the way of reports that I could get my
> > hands on? And I would be very grateful if Murali could send me the
> > photos he mentions
> ..an even better way to share this knowledge, is put it all on
> websites and post their urls here. ;o)
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Dr. A.D. Karve
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