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phillip manske pdmanske at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 14:24:07 CST 2012

This is a discussion about the above process and my assertion that
having would be a good thing.  It looks pretty cool but my ability to
ignore negatives is pretty strong.  I have took hard for negatives and
when I find them, I have to try hard not to ignore them.

The process seems to be genuine alchemy.  The process gives methane
from gases that are waste or close to waste.  The process has no
moving parts and the parts that are necessary trend toward
inexpensive.  One material, Ruthenium, trends toward exotic but even
that is not necessary.  It seems you can manage the process to make
methane or water and heat.  The process is highly exothermic and to me
that has desalinization capability written on it.  You have to dump
300C to make the process efficient.  That amount of heat can make lots
of steam and steam makes fresh water.

I read papers like this for a year....

The microbial approach leaves you with an idea you are farming and
thats not a bad thing.  I have few functional bucolics in the family.
 I'd look forward to that lifestyle in the long run but Sabatier
seemingly gets to the point quicker.

I'd like one of these machines but I have not seen them for sale.
There is ample information online for an excellent understanding of
the subject.

If I've missed something, make me aware.  If you have a shop that can
make one, let me know.

Warmest regards,

Phillip "Off Topic Kid" Manske

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