[Gasification] I hope this clears up some serious confusion.

Chris Roy chris.roy at ccmaine.net
Tue Jan 31 05:53:53 CST 2012

Hello Everyone, a quick note to everyone who is a part of this list, Bill Klein and his company 3i have been told repeatedly by Powerhearth in New Zealand not to use Jack Humphries name or Jacks Company name "Powerhearth" (incorporated in NZ) or any photographs of Jack or any of his gasification photographs. Bill Klein and his company 3i have never been licensed by "Powerhearth in New Zealand". All references to Bill Klein/3i including Jacks name have been removed from this site. I hope this clears up any confusion. if anyone has any questions they can be directed to the web site www.powerhearth.net and drop a line to the director. 
Sincerely Chris Roy 207-965-5995
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