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There are quite a few waste incinerators in Europe. Italy has sent it's trash by train to Germany to be incinerated. There are some gasifiers there also. One Norwegian firm has an incinerator design that doesn't produce dioxins above regulatory limits, but all are very expensive, one 300 tpd gasifier system is valued at $300mm. Some of the existing incinerators do not meet emissions levels, but the government has not shut them down as there is no option otherwise. EU capital and sale of electricity pricing is heavily subsidized by the government and does not compete in other parts of the world. One group had 4 dual stage "gasifier" but actually combustor systems in Europe, all have been shut down for emissions reasons, lack of continuing subsidies, expense of operation and the only remaining one operating that I know of is in Japan. 


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Below is a link to a NPR story on Sweden's conversion of trash to energy.  There is no mention of the method used.  Does anyone know if this is gasification?  If you read the article, other countries are paying Sweden to take their trash and Sweden produces energy from it.  Is there a chance that this could actually be cost effective?

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