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Where does the rest of the “trash” go? Just, “Somewhere”? RE:
Conservation of Mass.


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The Swedish are probably using the same system the Japanese invented.

Leave it to the Japanese to perfect a system, that virtually elimanates

trash. Each day Iwamoto's
<http://superstoneclean.com/waste-treatment-solutions/> "Super Stone Clean
Waste Treatment'' processors

can take a 20 ton pile of common garbage, and reduce it to less than 8

of what they call biochar.

Just watch their video. then you can see first hand the machine and the

I, wouldn't classify it as BioChar, but it looks to me like ashes.

Reduces waste volume from 1/100th to 1/3000th of original input:

1,000kg waste →300g ashes ( 2,200 lbs waste to 10.58 oz's ashes )

This is probably the most advanced system for Gasification.

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