[Gasification] Fwd: Indonesia GEK demo day- Sept 15th. Fall workshop at APL set for Oct 12-14. Next open house, Friday, Sept 14th

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Tue Sep 11 17:07:04 CDT 2012

(fwded a bit late, but maybe you are in Bali already?  jim)



As part of the Authorized Representative program launch, we're holding
a demo / meet / greet day in Indonesia for those interested from the
region.  This is fairly short notice (2+ weeks out), but we hope it is
enough time to gather those from Indonesia and mainland South East
Asia that want to see a machine in person and/or talk to APL staff in
person.  The opportunity to do this demo just appeared so we're going
with it despite the less than ideal notice.

The gathering will be at the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMY)
in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  The University runs a very interesting
"Centre of Excellence" in collaboration with the Technical University
of Eindhoven, Netherlands, to train and promote work in biomass based
energy solutions for rural Indonesia.  The program has been working in
biogas for several years, and recently acquired a GEK Power Pallet,
for which they have invited us over to commission-- thus the
opportunity for the larger demo day.  Here's what things looked like
last week when they received their Power Pallet and removed the box.


The demonstration will take place in the Bio-energy lab next to the
Energy Efficient House from 9am through the afternoon on September
15th.  Dusty (Director of Sales) and Teiwaz (head of Power Pallet
commissioning at APL) will be the individuals onsite for the demo (as
well as previous week commissioning and training UMY staff).  The plan
is to run various local fuels, and generally teach the gathered how
the Power Pallet works.  There will be adequate time to explore
specific AR questions with Dusty during and after the program.

The address is for the demo.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
jl. Lingkar Barat Tamantirto, Kasihan
Yogyakarta 55182.
Tel +62274387656 ext 236 (CREM)
fax +62274387646

More information about the university is here: www.umy.ac.id
More information about their bioenergy program is here:
http://wiki.gekgasifier.com/w/file/58065208/INDF_Brochure_2010.pdf and

If you would like to join us, please RSVP to "sales at allpowerlabs.org"
or directly to brian at "brian at allpowerlabs.org".  Dusty is out of the
office until the day before he gets on the plane, but others in the
sales group can help with coordination.



We've set the date for the fall workshop weekend at APL as
Friday-Sunday, Oct 12-14.  As usual, many things will happen-- the
specifics of which we are not yet sure of (other than the date).
Many of you have been asking for a date, so we thought we should
oblige.  Specifics on date activities will come soon (right after
Burning Man, to which everyone seems to be leaving the building for at
the moment) (confused, seehttp://www.burningman.com).

As usual, if you are coming from overseas, we're glad to provide visa
support letters, and otherwise help to arrange logistics.  You can
direct questions and RSVPs to "sales at allpowerlabs.org".  The workshop
is free for GEK or Power Pallet owners.  Otherwise the weekend is $125
per person.



Our monthly open house series continues at APL on Friday, September
14th, 5-7pm.   All interested are invited to come tour our facility,
eat our pizza and drink our beer, and see a Power Pallet run.  If you
plan to join us, please RSVP to "sales at allpowerlabs.org".

We hope to see you soon, at one of the above events.


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