[Gasification] 5M GASIFIERS

Ronald Bailey rbaileys at prmenergy.com
Fri Sep 28 10:25:59 CDT 2012

Dear Tom:


PRME has installed nine (10) PRME Gasifiers that are greater than 5.0 meters
in diameter.  Oldest have been operating around the clock for 16 years.



Ron Bailey Sr.

rbaileys at prmenergy.com





The largest diameter updraft gasifiers that have been built in the US are 2
m fluidized beds. EPI (now Outotec) and others built them in the 1980s when
there was a tax incentive for gasification. The same companies have built
4-5 m combustors but I don't know of any gasifiers that size. The new syngas
gasifiers are intended to be that size but nothing has been built.  


The plasma enhanced updrafts by AlterNRG (e.g. Westinghouse gasifier) in
Turkey and India may be that large. Ebara in Japan may also have something
that large. 


Tom Miles


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