[Gasification] BioEnergyLists Email List Outages this morning.

Erin Rasmussen erin at trmiles.com
Fri Aug 2 12:17:15 CDT 2013

Hi All, 


This morning (August 2, 2013 AM PDT) , our Internet Service Provider has
been having serious networking problems.  As a result our web sites
(everything with bioenergylists.org at the end of it) and our email lists
have been experiencing intermittent outages.  Expect email through the list
to be slow or out of sequence today and tomorrow.  We think that the
Internet Service Provider will be able to resolve the problem soon, and I'm
sure they'll be taking steps to prevent this type of outage in the future.  

( Please forgive me for cross-posting and do not reply to this message,
instead change the TO address to erin at trmiles.com and send me questions and


Thanks you for your patience during this outage!


Erin Rasmussen

TR Miles Technical Consultants Inc.   http://www.trmiles.com/

and BioEnergy Discussion Lists   http://www.bioenergylists.org/

erin at trmiles.com


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cell. 503-888-2367


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