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  Trash --> Char does NOT equal "Biochar".  [!]   I would NEVER 
recommend using the stuff in soils...

/Sierra Energy/'s Gasification. Also (probably) _not_ that NEW.   There 
are many, many, many Gasification systems out there that make 'syngas' 
(hydrogen and carbon monoxide) ~ and can do things /similar/ to this, 
although this does seem a bit "unique"... because of this so called 
"/FastOx/ chemical reaction". [?]

Best thing to do is probably to ask the folks on the "Gasification 
List"... (CC'd)

P.S. A Canadian company called /Enerkem Technologies Inc/. 
(www.enerkem.com <http://www.enerkem.com>) has been making Ethanol from 
Trash for quite a while... probably /long/ before /Ineos Bio/ came along.

Also ... Probably none of these companies in the article are (or even 
can) claim "carbon negativity"...

   But, of course, if this system /does/ work... maybe there are ways of 
bringing it to Toronto...  [?]
    ... It would certainly help with the stuff** that _/can't/_ be 
turned into "biochar" (and used in soils).
**i.e. the stuff that's too _/contaminated/_.
  ( My 'business partners' here in York Region /may/ be able to help 
make it happen in the GTA... /if/ indeed it works. [?] )


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On 2013-08-18 7:37 PM, Metta Spencer wrote:
> I don't know whether this system is compatible with biochar production, but it would solve the problem they end the article with:  waste.
> Can you please tell me how they should evaluate the cost/benefits of this procedure versus biochar manufacture with trash?
> Thanks.
> MS
> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/18/business/trash-into-gas-efficiently-an-army-test-may-tell.html

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