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DEAR Tom, Metta and All

The Union Carbide Purox process was developed initially by Dr. John E. Anderson, a close friend of mine.  I visited the 20 ton/day pilot plant while it was in development.   John died a few years ago.  

Tom Miles is certainly correct when he says that processes like this aren't suitable for making Biochar from mixed industrial waste, so we should convert the carbon to CO2 and take the power profit.   The molten ash can be converted to a nice aggregate that can be used for building roads.  

A simpler, similar process can be used with clean biomass wastes to make a clean combustible gas for conversion to power PLUS a clean Biochar for use in the soil.  

In order for any of these processes to have an impact nationwide, the US government needs to become aware of the CO2 -global warming connection, and put some muscle into making Biochar for sequestration/agriculture.  Farms would be the best place to implement this, since the farmer has a great deal,of waste biomass (cobs,, stalks, manures, ...) and he derives immediate benefit from incorporation of the Biochar into his own soil, eliminating several middlemen.  

I hope IBI can spread this message at the national level. 

Tom Reed

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