[Gasification] Spanner Canadian Distributor

Robert Fairchild solarbobky at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 13:35:45 CST 2013

Someone might want to check with their distributor in Canada:
Borealis Wood Power Corp., 4041 North Service Road, Burlington, Ontario L7L 4X6
Tel. Nr.: 1-416-678-2098, Internet: www.borealiswoodpower.com, E-Mail: 
 info at borealiswoodpower.com
specs at:


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Subject: [Gasification]  Spanner (Corrected)
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We have been hearing that Spanner in Germany has sold about 130 gasifiers for heat (to 100kWth) and power (up the 45 kWe) for wood chips. http://www.holz-kraft.de/en/  Does anyone have direct experience with these gasifiers?  Thanks  Tom      
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