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On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Andrew James-Buehler
<andrewsownemail at email.com> wrote:
> Hullo all,
> I am looking for an off grid power supply, and came across this power pallet
> from the US.
> http://gekgasifier.com/gasification-store/gasifier-genset-skids/
> Does anyone have any hands on experience with these? Are they as good as
> their web site claims? I have easy access to abundant hardwood sawdust and
> shavings from a local timber mill, and would like to set this, or a similar
> unit up on a continuous feed arrangement. Any suggestions there anyone?


it is likely difficult for many here to be dispassionate in assessing
the power pallet and gek as the project originally grew out of this
list.  i learned gasification here, and much of the design ideas that
ultimately led to where things are today were debated here and on the
yahoo wood gas list ad nauseum.  most everyone here has been a
contributor in some manner, and without all of the collected, all this
never would have happened.  it was and has been a very public design

this has paused a bit too much lately as we've had to also learn how
to scale manufacturing, as well as run a business and not have dropped
customer cycles like it seems you experienced.  sales and support
interactions when you are at 100s of customers is very different than
when you are at the first one or two we've learned.

all these things are hard for creative and engineering types.  it's
had us in its grasp for nearly two years now.  but happily these
systems work reasonably now, so much of the talent in the bldg is now
back on more fundamental engineering cycles and related improvements.
its been very satisfying for many in the bldg that manufacturing and
business is finally not consuming all available resources, and r&d can
take the front burner again.

i'll be surfacing this process again in the near coming months.  in
the next two quarters we have on the dev dock finally finishing cheap
and legal grid tie system, a native chp, and finally a meaningful
integration of biochar separate of just calling the charash at the end
biochar.  that, and lots of new things in the reactors are coming to
deal with more problematic fuels.  and no, currently, we cannot
meaningfully run rice husk or other granular fuels.  also, we plan to
do 4 more of the 100kw powertainers in 2013.  the data from minnesota
is good.  the powertainer is now back in berkeley until april if
anyone wants to see it.

we have open houses the first friday of each month in berkeley.  this
is a good time to come and see the machines in person.  the next one
is feb 8th.

i apologize if you had a note dropped or call not answered.  there are
three full time people on this and it is still not enough.  if you get
annoyed and want to call me directly, my mobile is 510.812.3656.


jim mason

> Many thanks
> Andrew
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