[Gasification] The Coffee Car

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at hughes.net
Sun May 12 18:32:30 CDT 2013

In the 1600 mile video at the 1:30 minute marker he said "our filter 
material has dropped right down, that's just a bit of rock wool on top 
there underneath there it's full of hair, it's all dropped down there 
and it's really full of tar." Maybe he means that the filter material 
was removed via a lower hatch for cleaning because of the tar.

At the 5:52 marker there is a black plastic trash bag on the ground and 
one in the bed of the truck that might be straw filter material. The bag 
on the ground could be spent filter material. Under the truck by the 
filter there appears to be a large green bucket possible to collect the 
drained condensate.


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