[Gasification] Continous gasifier for household scale - experience sharing

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at hughes.net
Wed May 15 00:15:29 CDT 2013

Hi Tuong,

Maybe a water seal, like a cup of water at the charcoal outlet. And 
maybe not.

Possibly reducing the diameter of the downdraft might reduce the amount 
of tar but might require a stronger fan. In other words increase the 
superficial velocity.


  On 05/14/2013 06:56 AM, Tuong, DoDuc wrote:
> Thanks Jeff.
> The idea for closing the char may cause incovenience for user to 
> remove char, but we will try that on.
> One of the solution we were thinking of is to use the husk char to 
> filter the tar.
> In the burner tube, we would fill in full of husk and ignite from there.
> That part will works like normal TLUD. After the gasification process 
> on this part completes, the process in the main reactor (downdraft) 
> will start. The tar from that process then can be kept when moving 
> through the char left in the burner tube.
> I will get back to you with the results of our try.
> Regards,
> Tuong

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