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Hi Fabian,

I hope you can see the image below:

The drying issue is not that big a deal.  I found that with large wood chips from a tractor chipper that the chips are suitable for gasification after 5 day in still air if they are stirred daily.  If you can buffer five days worth of fuel you can eliminate the dryer completely.  I suspect many sliced or fractured fuels of the same or lesser volume will dry in the same amount of time.

I have already produced a personal scale gasifier for cooking shown below:

You can see it boiling a pot of water here:



It runs on a 35W air pump that can be driven by a solar panel.  I also have a larger unit that could feed multiple homes in the developing world from a single solar PV panel.  I will be shipping units in the next month.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Stephen Abbaddessa
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Hello everybody,
our project "efficient cooking in Tanzania", realized of engineers without borders, Berlin and CHEMA, Tanzania wants to design different microgasifiers for cooking using a broad range of biomass.
We want to measure the moisture content of different biomass, including sawdust, coffee husks and wood logs for the exact evaluation of microgasifier WBTs.
Till now we estimated the content but want to have more scientific results for a better comparison to other micogasifiers.
As our project is situated in Kagera, Tanzania there aren`t any electrical devices like a drying stove or a microwave, we also don`t want to buy a expensive moisture device. We think of heating the sample above a microgasifier (Sawdust stove or Mwoto TLUD) or heating it with steam from a boiled water pot to achieve the 106°C.
We want to conduct the WBTs in Tanzania, because it isn`t possibel to get comparabel fuels in Berlin, Germany.
Are there any experiences regarding this problem?
Do you have any hints?
Thanks a lot!
Gaifiers ahead.

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