[Gasification] Size of blower and tumbler required to dry chip in a solar kiln

Doug Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz
Sat Feb 1 22:16:18 CST 2014


Can you clarify a couple of points please?
> We're looking at several days around 40C in Melbourne this week after a 
> record-breaking period two weeks ago with 4 consecutive days over 41C. 
> Solar kilns can get very hot with this much insolation although this 
> can, of course, be managed with airflow. Managing timber drying in a 
> solar kiln requires some care to reduce checking etc but drying chip 
> would be less sensitive.

Are you operating solar kilns in Melbourne or out in the Bush?
When you say checking, are these splits in the timber, also known as shakes?
I'm guessing you are drying Eucalyptus timber?
Are you using solar power at the kilns location?

Once I get my head around the the kiln application, I might be able to offer more comment.

Doug Williams,
Fluidyne Gasification.

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