[Gasification] Cellulose Gas and Biochar option

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Fri Feb 7 15:00:20 CST 2014

A question to Tom Reed:

Just wanted to get some clarity on the statment that TLUDs only burn
cellulose. If we are contrasting for instance WWII sytems and TLUDs, and
therefore limitation to only the cellulose fraction, is the primary
difference temperature? Why do TLUDs exclude hemicellulose and lignin? Is
the cellulose fraction equivalent to the volatile fraction?

Thanks, -EM

Dear Tom Miles and all

WWII gasification converted all the fuel into a low quality (150Btu/scf)
gas that required considerable cleanup. Before use in engines.

Now that we recognize the value of biochar as

O. A soil amendment

O. Reducing global warming

a second option is more attractive.

In the TLUD stove and larger (eg 33 gal garbage can) only the cellulose
burns, giving a cleaner gas

C6H10O5 + 1/2 O2 ===>
6O +  5 H2

Plus. biochar for addition to the soil.
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