[Gasification] Engine Performance on Producer Gas

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I received this link to an interesting study on engine performance on
producer gas from Dr. P Raman, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),New
Delhi. This is a size (75 kWe) which is typical of many village applications
around the world. 



Greetings from P. Raman, India.

We have done a detailed study of combustion characteristics of producer gas
and performance of the internal combustion engines.  Recently, we have
published a research article titled, "Performance analysis of an internal
combustion engine operated on producer gas, in comparison with the
performance of the natural gas and diesel engines". 

The paper published in "ENERGY Journal" on performance analysis of  I. C.
Engines, is provided with free access (untill 26th March 2014) at:


This paper brings out a number of facts about the technology status and
performance level of IC engines. At part load operating conditions, biomass
consumption is very high as compared to the biomass consumption in peak
load.  Factors responsible for the poor efficiency of engines and scope for
improvements are presented in the paper. The outcome of the study indicates
that there is a large scope for improving the gas quality and efficiency of
the engine to reduce the biomass consumption rate. 

You may find it useful.

With Best Regards,

P Raman, Ph.D


A b s t r a c t

The growing economy and changing lifestyle have increased the demand for
modern energy, like electricity.

Globally 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity. In India, 289
million people do not

have access to electricity. Decentralized distributed power generation using
renewable energy is a

competitive alternative for energy supply to all, with a sustainable growth.
The performance of an internal

combustion engine fueled with 100% producer gas was studied at variable load
conditions. The

engine was coupled with a 75 kWe power generator. Producer gas generated
from a downdraft gasifier

system was supplied to the engine. The overall power generation efficiency
of 21% was achieved above

85% load. The power generation efficiency of the producer gas engine was
estimated at variable load

conditions. The influencing factors of the power generation efficiency of a
producer gas engine, such as

volumetric efficiency, energy density of the fuel mixture, adiabatic flame
temperature, compression ratio

and expansion ratio were studied in detail. A relation between volumetric
efficiency, expansion ratio,

compression ratio and thermal efficiency was established and verified. The
efficiency of the engine

estimated using the new method has a correlation coefficient of 0.99 with
the efficiency estimated using

the energy input and output.


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