[Gasification] Forest Duff & Earthworms - Off Topic ?

Doug Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz
Wed Oct 1 01:55:08 CDT 2014

David,and Gasification Colleagues,

On behalf of my daughter Stephanie who just loves worms:

> Gentlemen, I've seen these posts about earthworms 
> and finally feel the need to comment.

She collects the liquid that flows from her farm containments then dilutes it as liquid fertilizer to her garden crops. She can feed us on greens and still give stuff away. It tells me that worms are more useful than most people, or at least the effluent they emit is more useful(;-)

I usually can show photos of anything I support from experience, but I failed to photograph the habitat of native white giant worms of New Zealand, in pure clay leaving behind a cast to the surface, in which native trees found the fertility in which to shoot and grow. Without the worm holes and their complex mix of nutrients, New Zealand would have become a desert and many native species lost, if it wasn't for the foresight of creating huge reserves of native forests. This can be seen in my bush block down the back of the farm.

While off topic, worms , snails, and natural forests hide a multiple of secrets which while are of not necessarily of commercial value to corporates, are just one link to sustainability of human existence. Just ask an Arab where they last saw a worm(:-)

My order of existence would be soil habitat for bacteria, water, trees or plant growth of any sort of biomass, then worms to work on all the biomass surface litter.

Not sure if I should also say,"Yea" for gasification, as it too has it's place in the order of sustainability.

Doug Williams,

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