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While the Internet allows instant communication, practical knowledge based on gasification experience is not stored in a data base, then as in my case, it is typed with only one finger. This takes time and I have other things of much greater priority to do. Your urgency is not mine.

It is normal in this forum to at least introduce yourself and status, your location, your project intent, specific physical details of the fuels used (not just their chemical  equations out of a book) and some details of how your gasifier is constructed. You will then find that quite a few people will then offer advise and encouragement. 

The questions below are unclear to me, but it is obvious that you do not have any understanding of how the gas is made. My advise is to study and develop either wood or coal gasifiers, but not both at the same time as there are big differences in the design requirements. Comments are in the text as best I can offer.

In answer to providing you with solutions to your problems, that is called development work for a  gasifier design of reliable performance, and that cost money and time. Between 5-7 years will be about how long that takes to acquire all the knowledge and experience.

Doug Williams,

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> Dear sir,
> Thank you very much for your support
> sir have one more doubt on wood gasification
> we sucessfully did wood gasification in same gasifier but main problem we
> unable to show wood savings

What are you asking? You must state wood consumption of any process first to be able to compare savings of higher output efficiencies.

> only one blower used for pressure mode gasification suppose increase the
> gas volume we increase the valve and damper

Yes, if working correctly, you increase the blower pressure, but not sure how a damper fits in. 

> whether increase flame length but wood quickly completed,how to solve this
> problem

The more pressure, the greater amount of gas made and the faster the wood is consumed. You should get about 2.185m3 of gas for 1kg of wood
Refer to the Wood to Energy Tables located on the Fluidyne Archive www.fluidynenz.250x.com

> Due to increased oxygen content in gas its affected the gas quality or
> external blower required for boost that gas?

If you have excess oxygen or air, then you will have more CO2.
> suppose boost that gas means gas temp 500'C its blast inside blower due to
> compression

No it if just red hot CO2 caused by over pressure, and this has consumed the reduction char that actually makes the gas.

> so please provide solution

Doug Williams <Doug.Williams.nz at gmail.com>

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