[Gasification] Biochar - Carbon Negative?

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Tue Apr 19 15:47:53 MDT 2016

Hi Rhys

I think I've been out in that boat. Can't remember the old boy's name  
but pretty sure.

Could be worth getting started on? Spend £300 on a decent 4 stroke  
lonshaft to go  with it? I've got a DSC radio I could give you?

£25 to stick this on your phone  
& yr good to go..

I'm looking to get one of these waterproof tablets secondhand on ebay  
http://www.sonymobile.com/gb/products/tablets/xperia-z3-tablet-compact/specifications/#tabs to run as a  

(once I finally sort the sodding gearbox!)



Quoting Mark Bell <markbell555 at gmail.com>:

> After gasification, approximately 5% of the woody biomass remains a biochar
> which sequesters carbon, hence a 'carbon negative' claim can be made.
> Alternatively, if the woody waste is left to rot in situ, the carbon
> sequestration is 0% (all carbon is released/transformed into CO2 and other
> gasses).
> True?
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