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Great question. Calcium is usually a major element in the ash from thermal conversion of annual growth (grasses, straws, young wood). It typically reacts with volatile elements like sulfur, chlorine, or phosphorous. When we calcine the ash – burn out the carbon – for analysis at 600C we see carbonates form.  




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Dear List,

green biomass can easily be converted into lactic acid, and the same can be removed from the solution by treating it with calcium hydroxide. I want to know, if the calcium lactate that is thus formed can be used as feedstock in a biogas plant. Equations written on paper show that the lactate ion would be converted into methane and carbon dioxide, but what would be the fate of the calcium ion? Would it combine with the carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate? If that were to happen, we should get biogas with a higher methane content than the usual 60%. 

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