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A company in Texas sells bagged, toasted, wood chunks that they make from hardwood round wood. They sell to the outdoor barbeque market which is decidedly big in the South and Southeast. 


Pallet stock makes great biochar. A pallet recycler in the Midwest developed a biochar processing line. As of last year they have changed their use of the material which may now be being used as fuel. There are many reasons why biochar marketing or production can fail. In spite of the benefits it’s not just an easy sell. 


Potential as fuel usually depends on transportation to users. 




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A sawmill that makes pallets that I service has a field of slats that are waste to the pallet making operation.  They have a market for bedding and grind a lot of slabs, but these are the near misses or defective slats and runners.  They put them on pallets and most are air dried in the field. A lot has accumulated. 


So I'm wondering, if I were to make chunks, about 3" long, would there be a market? What further processing would make hardwood chunks (no bark) into a high value product?  Like toasting them?  Any ideas or customers in the midwestUS?  How about breweries? 


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