[Gasification] Drying using a syngas genset exhaust

shivanand at infiniteenergyindia.com shivanand at infiniteenergyindia.com
Tue Mar 29 00:10:58 MDT 2016

One major issue in using engine cooling air for drying would be the 
power requirement.

Typically, the engine cooling fan consumed about 5% of BHP ( BHP,  not 
net power). Assuming similar pressure drop for the dryer system, another 
  5% of BHP towards power consumption of dryer would be too high a 
parasitic load.

Typically the cooling air would be @ 50-55 Deg C ( amx in Indian 
conditions). This temperature  would be sufficient to dry out the 
surface moisture. For drying beyond the surface, a higher temperature 
differential would be required to drive the heat transfer at a 
reasonable rate so as to make the residence times  reasonable.



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