[Gasification] Drying using a syngas genset exhaust

Doug Williams doug.williams.nz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 21:57:05 MDT 2016

Hi Arnt and Colleagues,

I had a chance to follow through faster than I expected to locate the
drawing of a exhaust gas drier. It is a very basic design usually built
on site in the bush, using the crate from the shipped engine and
gasifier. This dates back to 1992, and I built a variation of this for
myself. You can see the photos on the Fluidyne Archive
http://www.fluidynenz.250x.com/ under "Power Generation in the Hills".

We built bigger ones in the Cook Islands (about 1979-80) and Papua New
Guinea (about 1987), using the blown hot air from the Lister air cooled
engine. I guess I should dig out all the photo's and include it on the

Putting this stuff on paper took a lot of time before the computer (:-)

Doug Williams,
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