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My intro is as follows;


I have been with the list from 2007 was introduced to the list By Late Dr.
Ray Wijewardhane of Sri lanka, he has been a visionary and a pioneer in the
biomass energy area for decades in the island till his demise , he was my
mentor. Dr. Ankur Jain has also helped a lot to carry forward our journey in
the biomass energy field. I have been in the gasification field since 2004
starting as a young and enthusiastic engineer and running a company to
supply gasification units to replace fossil fuel powered thermal systems.
The gasification units provided by us have been working in the industry for
over 10 years. We have been supporting the uses when ever problems occur,
continuously!.... Today I am happy to say 15 units are serving the industry,
some for over 11 years as at today.  


In January 2017 we commissioned a gasification unit with a 200kW electrical
generator, it has been supplying electricity  since then. We concentrated on
the gas cleaning system heavily to keep the engine running optimally. The
engine is from china it is a 26 liter 6 cylinder inline engine with an
ignition advance of 20 deg BTDC. The turbo charger compresses the gas at the
inlet to 1 bar.  An intercooler, cools the gas to 35 deg C before entering
the cylinders.



I have been using gas chromatography to analyse the producer gas mixture. I
would like to know, if the gas sample extracted from the gasifier will
change it's CO composition significantly with the presence of water vapor?
We have to sample a gas with 50% CO. 


I have gone through a research paper where they suggest that the composition
will not significantly vary, but these samples did not have the high
concentration of CO. However, the content of CO had the most variation out
of all the gasses, the conclusion of this paper was that the gasses did not
change composition at -15 C, 15c , 45C at 2758 and Kpa 8274 Kpa pressure.
("Evaluation of syngas storage under different pressures and temperatures",
Yang P,2009, Applied Engineering in Agriculture) 


can some one shed some light on this?

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