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Hello Doug,

I will follow your instructions to collect the gas.  Will let you know the
other compositions soon.


It was a great loss for everybody to see Ray move on he was 85. He was a
pilot in addition to being an engineer and agronomist he had a  plaque on
his wall saying " Old pilots never die, they just go to a higher plane" he
really must be up there!!.    


Ray's idea of biomass was for Food, Fuel and fertility. He demonstrated this
in his 50 acre coconut land where he planted fast-growing leguminous
(Grilicidia cepium ) trees between the coconu  trees. Used the lopped
branches of these trees to be used in his 30 kw gasifier running a small
coier factory, the nitrogen from the Grilicidia cepium were a source of fuel
for the coconut trees.


We started a trial fuelwood plantation back in 2009 on Ray's advice, the
trees were again Grilicidia cepium we did several trials regarding the yield
of plants and some good studies of plant growth.  The fuel wood of this
plantation is now used to run a gasifier at a hotel. With Ray's initiative
"Grilicidia cepium" has been named the 4th plantation crop of Sri Lanka (
Tea, Rubber and Coconut are the first three). SRC is catching up in the
island most of our gasifiers are fueled with SRC plantations where they use
only the branches of trees having a regeneration time of about 6 months.


Thank You for your time and advice





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Hi Indika,

There is a reduction in CO if the gas is collected at over 500C, due to it
revering to soot and CO2. You need to quench the gas temperature as it is
extracted from the collection point as close to the internal gas where it
exits the char bed. If you can do this, then the accuracy of the analysis
will be improved. It would be interesting to see what the other gas % is
claimed by the designer.

Sorry to hear that Ray has passed over. We had quite a few exchanges about
biomass fuel growing.


Doug Williams.



On 30/06/17 03:14, Indika Gallage wrote:

Hello Doug,

The gasifier has not been tested yet, but the designers claim to have 50% CO
in the gas with previous gasifiers, which was unimaginable to me. When we
were speaking of sampling the gas, we have been warned that the CO of the
gas may convert while sampling. This is why  I am researching on the fact. 


Certainly, the most sensible thing is a directly coupled gas analyser. The
equipment is rather costly; we will have to use the inline measurements if
we get lower readings from sampling to confirm.


Thank you for your time and a very clear explanation.


Best Regards 






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