[Gasification] Candle filter experiences

James Joyce james at jamesjoyce.com.au
Mon Oct 30 18:48:05 CDT 2017

We are just about to order candles for a flue gas filtration application at 350 deg C. We have also been asked to design a 400 deg C candle filter system for pyrolysis gas, for installation ahead of a condenser. 

This is one example (not necessarily the supplier we will use)   http://www.herding.de/files/hGlobal/Downloads/Technical_product_descriptions/ALPHA/UK/Herding_ALPHA_Biomass_Filterunit_uk.pdf 

I have read some of the case studies for larger gasifiers. I am interested to know what experiences, if any, have been had with candle filters at the smaller scale (say 2-20 tonnes per day of biomass gasified). Reliability is my main interest, number of hours between replacement ... and performance as far as downstream equipment such as condensers and engines are concerned.



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